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We have the largest selection of instructors in LA County. Tell us about your lesson needs, select the instructor that best fits you skills & schedule your lesson.

All students  have the opportunity to perform in student recitals held twice a year for friends and family. 

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Piano Keys

Piano Lessons

We can help you or your child convert musical dreams into reality – while preserving that irresistible sense of joy you feel when playing along. We want each of our students to LOVE their musical experience with us!



Utilizing the patented School of Rock Method, our highly-trained professional instructors teach guitar lessons to beginners starting with the fundamentals, including scales, chords, tuning, arpeggios and rhythm. They then use famous rock songs to help guide guitar students through the early stages of musical development.

Electric Guitar

Singing Lessons

Our voice lessons focus on developing students’ vocal range, pitch, tone production, breath control, enunciation, ear training, stage presence, and more.  All professional vocal lessons include warmup exercises to improve breath control and to avoid damaging the vocal cords. All students are encouraged to bring any recordings of their favorite songs or to let their teacher know what song they want to sing.


Beginner students will begin studies with a snare drum and gradually work up to learning the full set. Intermediate and advanced students will work from customized lesson plans to achieve short and long term goals. Because of sound considerations at the school, lessons are given on a high-end electronic drum set. Whatever your goals are, our professional drum teachers are here to help you and personalize a lesson plan for you.

Young Drummer